Saturday, March 05, 2005

Time to knock some dust off 

Yup, it's time for me to move on. The last couple months have been great, and it'll be sad to move on, but it's time.

Yesterday I bought a plane ticket for Monday morning. That'll get me from Urumqi (Xinjiang Province; NW China) to Kunming (in the Yunnan Province; southern China). I am planning to stay in a hotel that doubles as the Laos Embassy (iteresting arrangement) and get to their office first thing Tuesday morning and submit my passport for a visa.

What this all leads up to, is that if all goes well I should be in Laos by the end of next week. My travel schedule and destinations are still up in the air, but I have ideas. MAYBE I'll cross the border on a bike, eventually cruising downriver in a boat. But it depends on a lot of things. Like finding a cheap but decent bike. Same with a boat, though this phase also depends on the amount of water flowing in the river (if the river is dry, it'll be tough paddling). Yeah, I'm pretty excited to get down there and spend at least 2 weeks checking the place out. And ya know what makes it better? Cheap as hell. And since I am toting a bunch of food with me and will hopefully provide my own transport, even cheaper!

Tomorrow morning we are heading to Urumqi. We'll spend the night there and then sis will see me off in the morning. She promises to cry, so that'll make it sadder. Good thing I got my ticket, or she mighta been able to convince me to stay here longer. It's been great fun, though we (I) have done very little.

In summary, I am off. Internet is hard to come by (and expensive) in Laos, so don't expect to hear much from me between mid-week next week and the end of the month. Any last words, be sure to get them out to me ASAP. Hehe

Oh yeah-here it's still below freezing. Where I am going? Warm....yeah! My plan is to sell or trade my jacket and long underwear down in Kunming (big backpacker's hotel). Wish me luck. I could use the cash....

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