Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rundown of the contents of my backpack 

I am getting ridiculous. Clothing makes up very little of what I am carrying. I won't describe what little I had. Instead, let me relate what I'm carrying:

Oatmeal and rice
A pot and lid, and a wok-type lid
15 meters of rope
bike pump
bike lock
spoke wrench
more rope
an oar (not for much longer)

Is that it? I thought I had a longer list of cool things. Hm. Since I need to cram everything back into my pack tonight I'll try and see what I missed and update this list.


Kilo of uncooked rice
1/2 kilo (more or less) of Lao coffee
bag of cardamon seeds
bag of Uzbek tea
coffee drip maker
No more oar
Lao wall hanging thing
coupla gifts

I packed really well for my last bus trip. My big pack and a 1/2 filled smaller pack. And the big guy weighs a lot. So it goes. My last mission before getting on the plane in 2 days is to find a way to get the machete into the big pack without it slashing anything up. No, I won't leave it behind even though it only cost me $1. Silly people

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