Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A new almost vow of sorts 

Yup, I am going to almost make a promise.

Some of my old, non-anecdotal posts may have contained more than a lacing of what could have appeared to be attacking vitriols and condescending lectures. While that was never my intent, it may have appeared so.

The problem is, this trip has taught me more than I ever would have imagined it would. My fervor to share and try and 'discuss' my new thoughts and ideas at times results in poorly presented ideas. And you, the poor reader, ends up reading a scattered and unclear rant that may sound accusatory.

No more! (I hope)

More thought is going to go into my 'work'. There are so many ideas that I do want to share, and in order to not waste my time or yours I am going dedicate more thought and effort so that at least my point will be discernible.

Note-I said I will try. That does not usurp my right to get on and blindly type something new and exciting (to me). I'll just try and come back later to re-word and be coherent.

But then again, how coherent am I in person?

Less so as time passes

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