Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Human Rights watch 

Thank gods we gave the next Olympic Games to China! Bad behavior should be rewarded, right? Oh wait….maybe the IOC isn’t very concerned with human rights?

Reuters just tossed out an article about the US condemnation of human rights abuses in Myanmar (Burma), North Korea and China:

China used the global war against terrorism to crack down on peaceful opponents of its rule in Muslim Xinjiang and committed persistent human rights abuses in 2004, the State Department said Monday.

The report said China lacks an independent judiciary and courts there "attached higher priority to suppressing political opposition and maintaining public order than to enforcing legal norms or protecting individual rights."
Facing particularly harsh treatment were followers of religious groups not approved by the state, labor and political activists and Tibetans and Muslim Uighurs accused of seeking independence for the western regions of Tibet and Xinjiang.

The Xinjiang region is my home for a short period of time. There are very few Chinese here; the majority of the populace is comprised of ‘minority’ groups who are decidedly less enthusiastic about their ‘liberation’ at the hands of the Chinese than the history books here would lead a person to believe.

Check out the entire article.

Next great super power, eh?

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