Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Happy stomach 

It's still hotter than Hades out here.

While cold water (for only 6 baht) is a nice treat on a day like today, it's gratification is superceded by that provided by fresh pineapple on a stick (10 baht). Sweet, juicy, and oh so refreshing! Good stuff

Just noticed a couple huge stains on my chest (on my shirt, not my actual chest. You wouldn't be able to see one of those. All the hair, you know?) that are not simply sweat stains like I had hoped. Oops.

It's ok though. I have a change of shirt in my small backpack to toss on once I get to the airport. I'll continue sweating in this one until I reach the AC'd confines of the terminal.

Speaking of bags, I don't think I could have packed my bigger bag any better. Open/dead space is virtually non-existent. The bike lock and pump and machete and pots and wicker basket all fit inside.

And I bought a new book, which I am enjoying immensely: The Magus. Thanks to RN for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it is not a small book, so my precious baggage space has once more been compromised.

Last day in Asia...hard to imagine that I am already so far along in this venture. 6 months or so it's been since I left Chicago on a jet plane, not sure when I'll be back again. And what a time it's been. Asia is amazing and I can't wait to come back. Though I am not that different a person than when I left, I feel like I've changed some. Learned more, grown more patience and tolerance, and in general am a better person (as Tupac says: Only gods can judge me now). My eyes feel more opened to so many things, and my life more open to just as many. It really isn't that large a world, and I can't wait to see more of it.

I've met many people along the way who have enhanced my travels or have given me some stories to tell. Some I am sure I'll keep in touch with, while others have email addresses that will remain in my notes, unused. I'll echo a sentiment that R wrote in her last email about traveling alone. It is a hell of a good experience. I've loved it.

Asia comes highly recommended to you from me. It is intimidating, especially at first, I won't deny that. But in the end it isn't that bad and overall is a great experience. Check 'er out. And if you want to hire a guide, porter, whatever, let me know. I come pretty cheaply.

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