Monday, February 21, 2005


I 'taught' classes today. Maybe not taught so much as stood in the front of the room and answered questions. Entertaining. I did this for two classes. A girl in the second class asked if she could have my autograph and I consented and told her after class. Class ended, I heard a "run away" from the teacher and the next thing I knew I was surrounded by the entire class of 65 students holding any piece of paper they could get their hands on out for my signature. Chaos. I think I got everyone. I noticed a lull and bolted. Now I'm famous?

None of the kids could understand how I could not play computer games. Reading books instead gained me incredulous looks.

I have a favorite new Chinese word: mamahoohoo (?)(means 'so-so)

The last of the Thailand pics from January are online and I am working on the Uzbekistan pics as I type. The links should be updated by Monday AM in the States.

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