Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Plans change, ya know? 

No more beautiful Krygyzstan for us. I was very much looking forward to the scenic hitchhiking adventure, but due to unforseen circumstances we've decided on a different route (not thru the mountains).

Something about snow for a couple weeks straight, temps in the negatives (highs of around -15C), avalanches in eastern Uzbek and Krygy killing people and sweeping buses off the road and stuff like that. Brenda feels we would have been fine (lots of good luck bracelets), but we chose the wiser route. Unfortunately, Kazakh isn't supposed to be that exciting to drive thru, but if we get to ski a day out of it all, no problem. And it's expensive there. That is no good.

Ain't life grand??

Who'se coming to Fiji?!??

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