Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Not over yet 

I never should have said my stomach was feeling better. A couple nights ago I found myself swelling up with...gas....(a sure sign of giarddia). Not good. After suffering badly for a day or 2 I started on the medication (tastes like I've been sucking on a metal pipe now) and feel a ton better. Stupid bug. Damn Tolliver (that is my pet name for the bug[s] running around my tripes wreaking havoc). Things are better for now, and let's hope they stay that way. Have eaten hardly anything for the last couple of days, so my strength and all that are at an all time low. China, and it's fresh fruit and good food and exercise are tittilating me into a tizzy right now.

We leave Saturday morning. Our passports were dropped at the Kazakhstan embassy yesterday and should be ready tomorrow afternoon. Then we're off! A few days later we'll pull into sis's place and regroup. Good times.

Once more let me pass along some sage advice to those who heard about my giarrdia weight loss (the last time. Haven't weighed myself this time so I have no idea where I'm at) and thought it a nice diet plan-don't even consider it. Sucks and is miserable. I started the medication yesterday morning. Going to the embassy and back I had to walk hunched over from the stomach pains and cramping. Sucked. Then I slept for a couple hours and am now still skittish to eat. That isn't going to stop me from making mac and cheese (white cheddar flava) when we get back to where we are staying. I have been carrying that box of goodness around for....way too long. Almost 2 months? Time to eat it. The microwave popcorn will have to wait until I get to sis's. That's gonna be good.

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