Saturday, February 19, 2005


For this post I am going to mimic Zombyboy and tell you all what music I am listening to. This way if you'd like, you can run out and buy (or download) the same music and be just like me. Or skim thru it and once more marvel at the circular and inconsistent workings of my brain. What is assailing my ears these days?

Green Day
Hanson (How can you not love "Mmm Bop? Seriously)
Hank Williams III (who played in Denver a few nights ago. Damnit!)
Black Eyed Peas
50 Cent
David Allen Coe (sis has some of his stuff on her computer. I am so proud!)

Also, I am drinking a cup of very black Vietnamese coffee (I think it is the only good cup of coffee being sucked down anywhere in China at this moment. MUCH better than that Nescafe crap) and eating some non and little oranges.

My attire consists of long underwear pants (I won't describe the skivvies. No, not sexy, just in need of a wash), sis's ex's discarded shirt, poi poc (sp?)(slipper like socks from Uz), and a layer of greaze.

I am told (wow that coffee is strong!) that mountains can be seen out of the bedroom window, but as of yet I have no proof of that. Soaring, majestic snow-covered peaks...obscured by layer upon layer of pollution and sand. Ok, I'll pretend I see them. Oh yes! They are magnificent!

It's still cold as balls outside

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