Monday, February 21, 2005

Lost in Time 

Walked thru a bookstore yesterday and checked out the cd/dvd/vcd section. Lots of Chinese music. Stuck amid all that was some Kenny G and the Carpenters (one of the most popular songs around these parts right now is an old Carpenter's song. Eerie) as well as a slew of 'how to 'videos about sex. At least, I think they were 'how to' videos. I can't read Chinese.

Karaoke bars. Odd. The 5-star hotel we ate at last night (free, thanks to a manager-type friend) had one that we checked out. Tthis guy sang a bunch of songs; I let the guy buy me some Carlsburg beer. I can't complain or refuse, ya know? That's rude! Anyway, these places (many) have small rooms off the main bar with a tv and sound system for entertainment. And a decent collection of music, recreated elevator music style (broke my heart to hear 'Your Cheatin' Heart' in that manner). Not to mention the waitress who sits there, subject to abuse from drunks (not from us though. It was a shortish night), fetching drinks or whatever and making sure the sound levels and all that work right. But she has to sit there, in this room. Poor girl.

No, I did not sing.

But for someone like me, who'd rather sit there and take in the scene while listening to some good music....not for me.

There was a semi-naked girl who danced around a pole in the main bar (STRONG thigh muscles) for....no one. Hm.

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