Monday, February 21, 2005

In class 

Despite the fact that I was up until after 6:30AM this morning (working on my pictures, emailing folks and instant messaging), I made it to a Chinese english class (at 12:50), looking a little rough (I keep forgetting to shave) and coffee'd up.

It was another class with many interesting questions for me. A good class really. The kids were well behaved, their english was pretty good and they seemed pretty intelligent.

After the initial question ("What is your name?") came my favorite question thus far. A little fat boy (he is little, and fat, and knows this. He has no qualms saying so) stood up and in an excited tizzy asked me: "DO YOU LIKE MEAT AND HAMBURGERS??" I almost soiled myself. It was hysterical! I had been warned about Smith (his english name) I was dying to meet him. His loves in life are: meat and computer games (ALL kids in this country love computer games. It is their exercise. No joke). His vacations are good if he gets to eat a lot of meat. After the class calmed down and I answered him that I am a vegetarian(In Asia I am vegetarian. Especially in China. You don't want to hear the stories I've heard about what they eat. Beyond appalling. And since half the time the chefs can't actually tell you what animal the are serving I've opted to eat no more flesh.), the teacher asked him: "Smith! How many hamburgers can you eat?" "Four," he proudly answered. Cute kid. I coulda stood there all day listening to him talk about anything, especially meat (he is very enthusiastic).

Good times

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