Thursday, February 24, 2005

I plead the 5th 

Before I get to the fireworks story, I am going to say this now-the next time someone asks me how my stomach feels, I am going to refuse to answer. I talked with R today and she asked me about my tripes-I said they are feeling good. Immediately I chastized myself for my impudence! And now I sit here, stomach all cramped up. I was fine, really. Tonight I went out for a hot pot dinner (kinda similar to fondou. Same same but different). Some rumblings were heard down below but I thought little of it. Post-dinner plans included meeting another friend at a bar; 10 minutes into a nice conversation I ran off to 'take care of business'. Thinking my problems resolved I returned to the table and noticed a sharp cramping feeling starting in my stomach. Many belches later the pain eased, then ramped up again. Making my leave I headed back here, blorping out belches the entire way. Unfortunately, the friend we were meeting leaves tomorrow to begin his studies in Beijing, so I'm bummed we didn't talk. Misery is easier to deal with in your own home though, ya know?

The cramping has eased somewhat and I am hoping it was caused by newish food (spicy) or something only a little funny. Only time will tell. If giardia has returned (Tolliver! I said it was fun while it lasted but now it's time to move on. So shove off!) I will be less than pleased....

Aren't you happy that I keep you apprised of the state of being in my bowels?

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