Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hooray! Winter is over! 

(Again, I am not sure if I announced this or not. If I did....oops)

The Spring Festival ended the other day. Which officially ended winter! That's exciting, isn't it? I know I'm glad. All this cold and snow and winter stuff was really getting to be a drag. Now the sun is out every day, the flowers and trees are blooming with the help of the afternoon's warm rain showers, and new babies and thigns are being born all over!

Oh wait, it's still cold as hell outside.

But since China has decided that winter is over now, the amount of het being provided has been cut; rumor has it it's been cut in half.

Looking at a glass that's half full, that means the pollution in the air should be much less. Maybe by the time I leave here it'll have cleared enough for me to be able to see the mountains from the window...but I am not holding my breath (except for when we have to walk thru the smog trails that drift amongst the buildings....)

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