Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Here we go again 

The Pope has a new book coming out: Memory and Identity; based on conversations with friends and aides. In it he compares abortion to the Holocaust (though press agents have their own spin on this) and says that gay marriage are part of "a new ideology of evil".

Um, Jewish groups are unhappy about the abortion/Holocaust comparison. That's a surprise. (Maybe a reminder of the Catholic Church's response/actions to the Holocaust while it was ongoing is necessary? Low blow. Sorry. Different Pope also.)

And can I say once more that the idea that gay marriage is the greatest evil faced today is mind blottering! With so many things to worry about in the world, why is gay marriage always at the forefront, and why is it such a concern. You don't like gay sex? Stay out of the bedroom of a gay couple! You don't think they should have the same rights as heterosexual couples? Join the ranks of those that declared blacks on the same level as animals; those that refused to admit that women are not inferior to men; and going further back, those that considered interracial marriage as evil.

For crap's sake, I am so tired of hearing about the gay marriage "issue". You don't like it? Don't think about it! You think it's wrong and against god's laws? Resign yourself to the fact that in your world, these people will not go to heaven, and leave them the hell alone! Unless you live under a theocracy, don't make it a legal/govt issue (has the mandatory separation of church and state been rescinded in the US since I left? Maybe, seemed to be heading that way).

I don't like lima beans. People eat and enjoy them. That doesn't keep me from enjoying any of my meals.

Personally, I don't understand people who involve extreme (or minimal) masochism and pain as a part of sex. Doesn't mean I want to pass laws against dominatrix-ing.

Materialism is a way of life I no longer agree with, nor do I think it is good (and in my mind, it's a much more serious threat to us than two men getting busy with each other). But I don't think passing laws against it is a good idea (not that I believe that there is a single person in a govt position who would show any support for it).

If you don't like a person's way of life or preferences.....don't associate with them.

Me thinks maybe the pope should get out more and see real problems the world is having these days This is not meant to mock his health in any way. I hope he lives for many more years. I just can't understand how gay marriage has risen high on a list of worldly concerns. To me that smacks a bit of living outside the realm or reality

How about AIDS, famine, oppresive govts, environmental devastation, genocide, child soldiers, etc, etc?

Amen to that!
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