Monday, February 28, 2005

Close your eyes and smile 

An ear-shattering crack rents the air
My eyes raise up from the ground
The otherwise unbroken whitened landscape
Is scarred by a crack spanning the lea above me
As in a dream the entire world begins to slide
Falling, I claw my way to
The surface the roiling mass of white

My back supports me
My feet lead the way
My brain whirls, edged with panic
The world is silent
To the left and right and ahead of me
Cracks ring out and cascading snow
Surrounds and accompanies me

Speed gathers
Trees are uprooted
Deer bound away in muted panic
Fear gives way to glee
My laughter bounces
Reflecting back to me
Off canyon walls

The slide ends
Masses of now muddied snows
Huddle at peaks’ feet
The sun’s rays beat
A slight breeze stirs
The birds renew their song
Green has replaced the white

No path reveals its shape in the blossoming flora
I follow my feet from the crumpled huddled shlup
Firm ground replaces the spongy mass I’ve known
No longer does the uphill steal my breath
No more must my eyes root to the treacherous trail
Renewed eyes devour the heart-stopping beauty
I break into a run, strides swallow the distance lost

No flower is left unsmelt
Or path left unexplored
Nary a boulder in my path
Nor weight upon my shoulders
Slows my ecstatic run
Unseen cracks tickle my ears
Spring has sprung

I love it. You're really good. Very good.
Your feet are growing, grasshopper.
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