Sunday, January 23, 2005

Ya wanna know what is hard? 

Meet and get to know some very nice people whose lives are such that they are constantly being beaten down by corrupt govt, constant harassment from corrupt police. Beaten down by jealous countrymen with no motivation or hope, trying all they can to destroy any glimmer of positivity that they see. A govt imposed stagnant economy. Inflation and cost of living continue to rise but wages are forced to remain steady. Jobs of any sort are very very hard to find. Those who are fortunate to find work are paid barely enough to get by. Most have to try and find more than one job. And they are not supporting high spending habits (new clothes, cars, homes, tvs, etc).

Then try to explain to them that no, you don't have a job. On purpose. That you quit just because you didn't really like it. No, you weren't unhappy. No, you weren't paid poorly or treated badly. It just wasn't good enough. And finding another will be no problem, you just have to decide which is good enough for you. And talking about traveling (they can't. no money), the freedoms we have, the simple niceties that we take for granted, etc.

Uncomfortable to say the least. Maybe to them it isn't that bad to hear, but to hear the words coming out of my mouth makes me feel like a complete ass to say the least. I need to start giving a different reason for why I am traveling and not working.

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