Saturday, January 22, 2005


This is quite the interesting country. I am not going to start blathering my deeper thoughts and opinions on it yet. Gotta more fully develop them.

A sad sad place. Depression and futility reign supreme. At least the Communists were successful in getting almost everyone (except the elites. Someone's gotta run it all, right?) to live at the same level. It's too bad that level is so low and spirit crushing and sad.

It's great seeing my sis again, and her friends are great. Very hospitable.

Yesterday was a holiday and we went with one of my sis's friends to a relative without the relation tie for a visit. Lots of tea and a ton of food. Brenda told me too late that it is ok to say no more, and you don't have to finish all the food on your plate. If you do, it gets refilled. I gorged. Very good though.

The woman we were visiting is about 78 and a very sweet woman. She had an incredible smile and the friendliest and fiestiest eyes. It was a great visit. Something that would have made for great pics, only getting them would have been incredibly rude. So sorry, there are none.

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