Friday, January 21, 2005


Yes, I am here and I made it fine. My bag almost didn't show up but eventually it arrived and I met my sis. Good times. It's great seeing her and her friends are incredible people.

We haven't done too much yet except sit around and eat and drink tea and talk. Although last night we went to a disco until after 4am. The most interesting people watching I've ever seen. More on that later when I have time. A riotous night to say the least.

Odd thing-I am sending this blog thru my mom. Not because I can't get into blogger, but because I keep getting logged in as a couple different people instead of myself! Very strange.

All is well, so no worries. It's not nearly as cold as I'd expected, though I did spend $30 for a big warm jacket. It kinda feels like springish back home. Only colder. Don't ask.

My flight here was beautiful-I saw Tibet, the Himalayas, the Indian Sea and even the mountains bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan (no sign of bin laden. I looked). All beautiful and very rugged.

Tashkent is a semi-typical big city. I don't stand out too badly as there are many Russians (the main language in Tashkent?). It's very very interesting. Updates later. Gotta go meet Granny

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