Wednesday, January 12, 2005


No, not from lack of sleep (although getting only about 30 minutes or so on the overnight train have induced more than the usual slothity in me), but from.....life I guess.

I didn't go on this trip expecting to find 'answers' or clarity in my life, though I had hoped like a banshee (screaming bunchee?) that I would.

Well, you may ask, have you found said answers?


(For the record, Hank Williams was just letting me know that he is so lonesome he could cry. It tugs, man.)

As some know, confusion reigned supreme before I left. And now....it has somehow found a way to increase its hold on my psyche and life. Yes, I have found more aspects of life with which to be confused.

*My bucket's got a hole in it, yeah my bucket's got a hole in it, yeah my bucket's got a hole in it, I can't buy no beer*

It's tiring, ya know? Foundations rattling, apathy being overtaken with anxiety and frustration and...ach.

Just saw a headline from Reuters: "Iraqi elections less than perfect". I think you'd find a lot of people that might apply the same headlines to our elections the last two terms, eh? Maybe they didn't have decent candidates either (I don't feel like reading the article)?

No energy now. Gotta sleep. Excited to get my Uz visa in hand tomorrow. Seeing the posters in the Embassy have me even more fired up!

On to Waylon now. Bob Wills is still the king, ya know?

I think I'll go wander the streets of Bangkok now and try to find an elephant and see what happens. How do you go about provoking an animal so much bigger than you? I'll toss a rat at it. That always gets R riled up

Is R that much bigger than you?
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