Monday, January 17, 2005


Well, the day finally arrived.

Rachelle's flight for Australia took off a couple hours ago. I am still in Bangkok in a seedy though very nice hotel. Seeing her off was....pretty damn sad. This is going to be the longest stretch we've gone (since we first met) without seeing each other. Bummer, to say the least.

Things are gonna be a little weird for a bit. Since leaving home 4 months ago, every minute of every day has been spent with R. We've seen, done, experienced quite a bit and to now experience so much more without her is gonna be very strange. Fortunately she is meeting up with her parents and I my sister so that we don't have to adjust in hermitic fashion.

Travel safe, baby. I'll see you soon.

On a screwier note, the hotel I htought I'd made a reservation at was apparently full. I found out when I got to reception (after leaving the airport). Fortunately, since we are out in the middle of nowhere, there is a hotel next door (they do offer hourly rates). A bit seedy looking, BL Apartments or something. However, it's one of the nicer rooms I've stayed in. It's about $10US cheaper than where I was going to stay. AND, it not only has a tv and a bunch of channels (most in english?), but a dvd player (I'm watching Anchorman tonight!) and a stereo! So I just discovered that the cds I bought in Vietnam do in fact work. That's fun.

My flight leaves tomorrow AM at 9:15 and I will hopefully be meeting my sis at the airport in Tashkent. Haven't heard a word from her in a few days, so hopefully her overland trip from China went well. We'll see!

That's about all. Last night we stayed in a nice hotel, a bday present from R (along with dinner and a couple gifts.). It was great! Dinner was at a mexican restaurant. One dude was at a mike playing his guitar and singing Eagles songs, another guy at a table had his guitar and played now and then, the owner was walking around singing the entire time...it was a riot! Decent food. On the walk home we stopped for a pint of Guinness (haven't had any since Sept) and ended up having a couple while listening to a Thai band play Beatles covers. And they were very good. All in all it was a very entertaining night.

I am also sad to report that R won the 'double solitaire end of Corey and R traveling together in Asia' tournament. I still say she cheated!

Everyone behave. Tashkent has internet cafes as far as I know, but I am not sure how long we'll be there (only a day or 2 I think). Then we're off to the middle of nowhere! What this means is that email and blogging will most likely drop off precipitously for a couple/few weeks.


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