Saturday, January 22, 2005

Random Thoughts 

Here are some things I keep forgetting to blog about. But now that I
have a little notebook to carry around with me I can write these
things down. And then if I remember that this notebook is in my
pocket, I can read my notes and act on them. So here we go

I saw a preview for the new Star Wars movie a week or 2 ago, and had
chills the entire time (don't worry. I'm not weak. It was a short
preview). Have you seen it? Sir Alec Guiness as Obi Wan is talking
about Anakin becoming Darth Vader against scenes from the new flick.

The Williams family.
In 2 weeks in Thailand we encountered: a place that kept playing Hank
Williams music out into the street. A guy wearing a Hank Williams Jr
shirt (a Thai), and a westerner dude wearing a Hank WIlliams III
shirt. a sign of something I am sure. A sign of what, I have no idea.

Possible new career. I'm going to buy a bus and start a shuttle
service to the ski areas in the winter. Improving the I-70 corridor
into the mountains to relieve the overabundance of traffic is quite
the issue right now, and we need more talk about smaller ideas instead
of just these mega expensive 'solutions'. Don't worry, it'll be fun.
Good music (not only my choice), food and drink vendors and quick and
reliable service. Maybe some dancing girls (and one dancing guy.
maybe) to entertain. It'll be good fun and will make everyone happy. I
am willing to start collecting money from interested investors.

Walking around the main backpacker's area in Bangkok we passed a long
gate thing. Had picture after picture after picture of people missing
from the tsunami, names of people missing, pictures of the waves
coming in and the destruction. A large box for collecting donations. A
prayer stand. Another very very long wall listing the names of people
known to be injured or killed. And people all around sporting quiet
looks of sadness and compassion. Pretty surreal and very sad.

This computer lab is way too loud. This stupid little kid next to me
has no idea how to talk in a less than screaming voice and is quite
accomplished in throwing tantrums (playing an interactive game of
shooting and stuff and apparently doesn't like anyone beating him)

My ears and head hurt

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