Friday, January 07, 2005

Picture stuff 

Here we go. More pictures have been downloaded! Aren't you excited?

All of our Cambodia pics should be online, though not all have been labelled (and some may not have been rotated correctly yet. We'll get to it eventually).

Also, there are 2 new links: one for our Christmas and one for New Years. Neither contains that many pics, but the powers that be (R) thought it'd be nice to have them in separate folders.

Eventually I'll get started with the Vietnam photos. Probably not tonight though. This computer ain't the fastest you've ever seen. Besides, I have other things to do.

Ah, not really. You caught me.

Warning: don't be alarmed by me in a 'stache. It's a bit frightening, but it's ok. And it is gone. I got tired of looking in the mirror and wondering why some 70s era porn star was looking back at me. The feathered hair hasn't gone anywhere though.

To make it worse, when we were in Ha Long Bay, Mickey the crazy Brit, asked me: "Ok, mate. So what's the deal with the mustache?" No respect (RIP Rodney) is what I get.

Great pictures, scary mustache.

I'm all disturbed and stuff.
Sorry for being disturbing. Ok, not really. I had to make the pics interesting just in case they weren't enough to stand on their own
I wanted to see a picture of the mustache in fancy dress with vest only. Now that would be 70's baby!
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