Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Keep it comin' 

So we went by the Red Cross office yesterday, and have been kicking ourselves since for not going down there earlier in the week. It is controlled manic activity. Pallets of water bottles are everywhere, bags and bags of clothes are piling up, trucks are continuously coming into the lot with more supplies. There are donation tables set up (busy) and tables for people to volunteer some time (damn! Shoulda come down earlier!). There is also the blood donation table.

Another painful blow was dealt us. A long questionnaire eventually ruled both of of us out. Rachelle was axed first because of her nose pieeircing. Though that was unacceptable, a tattoo was ok. Unfortunately, the malaria medication we are almost done taking is also an antibiotic, which is not allowed either. That sucked. But they checked my blood type-O negative. Who knew?

My point? Oh yeah. Donate. It's getting used and it's needed. I think all you need to do is turn on the tv or open your eyes and you'll hear some tidbit about what's going on over here. So yeah, get some cash over here. We are lucky enough to lead comfortable lives and make plenty of cash. Time to share.

Speaking of which, there are individuals who are worth billions or millions of dollars, right? Are they donating (I don't know, actually)? And all these so-called celebrities that are adored world-wide. What about them? They can afford to toss out sizable chunks.

Thought: the US didn't pony up all its money right away, and was criticized. Where was the criticism for every movie star that makes millions per movie? Or people like Bill Gates and the owners of Google? People who are millionairs or billionaires? If we hold this standard up to our govt, shouldn't it also get applied to these people? Maybe not, maybe that's a bit drastic. But the thought was: the US is the richest country so they should give the most. And this expectation doesn't apply to people? No, I am not talking communism or socialism. I am talking about giving more priority to human life than a bigger home/car. Let's get real. Which is more admirable and worship worthy: making a movie/tv show/album/etc, or donating a large chunk (small to you) of money to a cause like the tsunami disaster relief? No, you don't need all that money. And I guess you can feel comfortable and guilt-free living in your 30,000sf (or more, if you really want to impress/show off) home while millions are now left home/food/water-less? Shit, I don't have a job and I still feel guilty not giving or doing a little bit more (I do have to make it home some day. Right?). Maybe these people have contributed a lot, I really have no idea. The Bush's and Clinton are calling for donations. I am guessing they've tossed a sizeable amount in? And wonderful world savior John Kerry. Has he? Hell, all he needs to do is marry another rich chick to offset a contribution. Not that he is hurting for money as it is.....

Anyway. I digress, even though I didn't start out with any set point or objective. Felt like ranting. Haven't done it in a while. Not sure it came out as well as it could have. I could say I'll work on it later and clean it up, but I know I won't and I don't want to lie to you. That is not a good base for any relationship.

We are now in Chiang Mai and just finished getting a 2-hour Thai massage. It was awesome! Yes, we are going back tomorrow for more. Tonight we have a dinner/traditional Thai dancing thing we're going to, and in the morning is our first(?) cooking course. Good times.

One more thing-my Uzbek visa is being processed, and my ticket is on hold. I fly out of Bangkok on the 15th. A 5 hour flight. Don't ask how much. Not a popular route

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