Thursday, January 06, 2005


First off, I am tired of being constantly....attacked in a nice manner by the people we meet. It seems like we are constantly having to defend not only our country (not always possible) but also ourselves. It's getting very very old. Hearing it in a conversation we are not a part of (talking about how horrible Americans are, even those who travel [!]) is maddening. Last night I almost sat down at one of those conversations just to see what was being said about me. Didn't have the energy though.

Here's what chaps my ass. So many people have their opinions/judgments thought out ahead of time and judge us based not on us, but what they believe about the US (whether they've been there or not). Most frequently, we have to stave off attacks based on Michael Moore (again, thanks a lot fatty) and his misinformation (which many people admit they know is falsified and for effect, but they still use it as a basis for their arguments/opinions.). At the same time, these people ignore the fact that they are guilty of the same type of ignorance and small mindedness of which they accuse us. They also ignore anything bad their people or govt have done/are doing. Fine, we are the lone super power and subject to intense criticism. All I ask is to talk to us before condemning us. And cut out the hypocritical emotion-based bullshit. It gets very aggravating.

And the thing is, once we get to talking to people and get away from politics, it's usually very nice and fun. We are guessing that their side of the political conversation is a bit toned down, which is good. If it weren't, they would be closing their minds to a possible friendship based on broad generalizations (which they don't want us to be guilty of).

Yes, a tad frustrated at this point. Is it so much to ask to be able to meet people and start off without a personal attack?

It has happened, don't get me wrong. In fact we've found that people from the UK, aside from being an absolute riot and a lot of fun to hang out with, seem to be the least judgmental. Take Mickey for instance. This guy was on our boat tour in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. Spent the night conversating with him and others. And while he isn't a fan of Bush or many of the things the US does/has done, he has no problem admitting that their govt is not an innocent (as some people have tried to lead us to believe) and has committed 'crimes' in the past. This is nice. And unlike a story we heard from an American in Hanoi-in a conversation with a French girl, she would not admit or just didn't know what the French had done in Vietnam (or Africa....). She tried to tell them that her country had never done anything wrong or aggressive. Many people give off that feeling, which is BS for the most part. How many countries, in their history, have never been a part of or instigated an act that was not approved by the 'world' or even by the country they are invading?

Fine, condemn us. But don't ignore history and patronize us with the holier than thou act. Makes me huffy

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