Monday, January 10, 2005


Got a good comment on last night's rant from ANON. Brought up a lot of points abuot travel, international travel, etc that I have thought about and recognize as completely valid. Which is why I often times find myself going back and forth on the matter.

It's true, not everyone wants to travel internationally. And some people have decided that they are unable to accomplish this.

I fault Mother Culture and the bullshit she spews. This'll be a rant for later, but for now it's all about what we are told to have as our first priority in life-working hard (all the time), working for retirement and being a good consume...I mean contributor to society.

I'm reading 1984 right now, with Huxley's 'A Brave New World' next in line. I think I've found our Big Brother in today's society. Gotta omore fully form thoughts before putting anything on here.

Yes, that does tie in to the paragraphs previous.

Wait for it

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