Saturday, January 15, 2005

Bring it 

A couple of extra notes on that Briton we met in Chiang Mai:

ok, maybe only one (until R reminds me in the morning what I am forgetting to say now).

I showed him my right arm that night. For those who don't know, I got tattoo'd there last summer, right before leaving Denver (Th'ink Tank. Good place.). My right arm from top shoulder to mid-bicep has a Jackelope (Ray S.) riding a motorcycle (Dad) while holding the Union Jack (mom). When James saw the British flag riding around on my arm he almost fell off his chair. Said it was the wildest thing he'd seen. I do what I can.

And now (this one is for you, Stu), there is more. I had something done the last time we wree in Bangkok. I don't have the cd with me, but eventually I'll get it on the picture site for Thailand round 2. My left arm, from shoulder to just past my elbow, is now graced with the presence of a large spiraling dragon. It's awesome!!! Rachelle wasn't so keen on my last one (despite the significance), but likes this one even though it's bigger. Don't worry, all was clean and hygenic and all that.

Time for bed. Tomorrow we need to get up early and do stuff, ya know?

Don't worry, I have a very thinksome blog in the works (mostly due to someone else's work, but that's beside the point)

Sleep well my little chickadees

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