Monday, December 27, 2004

We are fine 

Just to let everyone know, Rachelle and I are fine. We were not affected at all by the earthquake or tsunami. We were on a boat Sunday night when we heard about it (made us a little nervous) but felt nothing. Good thing, because I am sure our boat would have collapsed into firewood at anything larger than a 1' wave.

Horrible devastation. We were in the areas of Thailand that were affected and it is so unreal. Those poor people, many on vacation over the holidays, others losing their homes, businesses, loved ones or lives....wow.

Right now we have a flight to Bangkok on Friday. Not sure about that. I am sure, and have heard that Bangkok is a bit of a zoo right now and that people are scrambling to get out. And here we are, going right into it! Hm.

But no one worry, we are fine.

More later. Gotta get out and move around a bit

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