Saturday, December 18, 2004

Still here 

So we got up at 2:45am and started sitting on the sidewalk out front of our hotel at a little after 3am. Bus never came. At 4:45 the town's loudspeakers came on; playing music, speeches, all sorts of stuff (a couple we met said that when they were in the very south of the country that people went out and did calisthenics to the speakers. We didn't see that. It seemed most people were out and walking by 3:30am or so. Crazy.

A little after 5am we went back inside and back to sleep until about 10. Had bfast, walked around, now we're emailing. Our next bus should arrive around 4pm. Or so they say. Ah well, what are ya gonna do?

Lots to tell about the last couple days. I just remembered that I started a post last night. I'd better go find that.

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