Friday, December 24, 2004

Son of a.... 

Hanoi. Busy, to say the least.

What the hell? Email just crashed/closed on me for the second time in the last 10 minutes! The govt here must be pissed at me or something, b/c I have been having email trouble almost our entire time in this country. Annoying.

I wrote a blog post yesterday, then finished up a draft. Twice. None of it saved, none of it went thru. All got mysteriously erased. Not happy=me. Don't worry though, I'm over it.

It's Christmas eve for another 8 minutes. Got here this morning and have had a pretty good day. After checking into the hotel (a bit more expensive than we've been paying, but it's got a balcony and internet and breakfast are included in the price. Nice) and having them send out for my Chinese visa, we almost napped. Eventually (after a thorough butt-kicking was administered by me over games of double solitaire) we headed out for lunch.

Let me preface with this: since leaving Chicago over 3 months ago I have not had any true western food (only westernized Asian food). Today I gave in. After a walk around this insanely busy city (I think the traffic here is the worst we've seen thus far. I LOVE crossing the street. Rachelle aptly described it in saying that it felt as though we were parting the Red Sea. You just start walking, slowly, and the motos and cars and trucks part and go around you. A rush to be sure. Back to the food. Stopped at a bar/restaurant owned by an American and his Vietnamese wife. Ate nachos with beans (no 'beef') and chili con queso. Not too bad at all. It was no "Mile High Nachos", but good nontheless. After eating and having a couple drinks with a drunken ex-pat who railed on and on about....stuff, not really sure what, we headed back to the hotel.

Showers ensued, gift 'wrapping' in the meanwhile, and then the set up. (FYI-I have been sporting the mustache only look for a few days now. I can't even take myself seriously when I look in the mirror.) We dressed up in some of our newly made clothing and exchanged one gift, saving the remaining gift for the morning. Then we played some solitaire and watched "Home Alone". Romance, Christmas style? Maybe. Trying something new we headed to a jazz bar where we watched an all-Vietnamese band jam away. Not too bad at all.

Now I am emailing and R is probably already asleep. Had to get something out, ya know? Since computers have been plotting against me as of late. Hopefully this one gets out.

Santa is coming, I can hear his deers. They sound like moto horns.

Santa was spotted here several times today. Though instead of being astride some small pooping beasts, he sat atop a moto. Highly entertaining.

AND, I'm reading Rachelle's "Stupid White Men" Michael Moore book. And yes, I have a lot to say. But not now. It's the holidays.

Peace out, and Merry Christmas

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