Saturday, December 18, 2004

People in Quang Ngai 

They are great here. I think I mentioned that walking around yesterday morning we were greeted by smiles and hellos at every turn. More to come

My driver to Duc Pho, a man of about 50-55, had some questions for me when we returned to the hotel. Thru an interpreter (an old dude who wandered up), he asked me if my dad had been in the war. I said yes, down in Duc Pho. His face lit up. With an enormous grin he grabbed my hand and pumped my arm ecstatically. He then asked (thru Mr. Interpretor man) if my dad survived and if he was still alive. When I answered in the affirmative he looked even happier and once again pumped my arm with great enthusiasm. Then he explained something about being real young, maybe 5 at the time, and he pointed to his stomach (he'd been hungry?), glowing all the while. This may sound a bit trite and unimpressive to some. But after hearing the raging bullshit spewed in the history books here (we assume. Would the books contradict the museums and such?) , and hearing years of talk about how the Vietnam war was wrong and all that stuff, it was quite a thing to have someone from an area that saw some of the heaviest fighting in the was and was alive at the time share his joy at our involvement.

That made me think of Iraq today. All we hear about is how wrong it is for us to be there, how dumb Bush is, how much everyone hates us for being there.....surely people like my driver exist there. People who are not filled with hatred at our involvement. People that are overjoyed to have SH gone and things to be different. My question...nah, there is no question. I was going to ask why it is that the media never interviews such people, or if they do, why they never report it. Why would they? Why show that anything positive has come out of the war? Assholes. Call me a dreamer, but I was reading a few Iraqi blogs a few months back and there were a couple guys that expressed their joy at our coming and described in detail how things were better. Granted, there were a couple that expressed so happiness or support, but the point is that some people did.

Digression or sorts, eh? Yeah, why not. How about this: instead of only focusing on the negative ALL THE TIME, how about shedding some light on positive events and feelings? How about an article or 2 that highlights people that are happy that went to Iraq? Hm, maybe that would not sell as many papers and garner as much attention. Or not tow the media partyline that liberal is the only way to go (if you think the major media isn't overwhelmingly anti-conservative....oof). It might also help the soldiers that have been there or are there (and their families) to feel that they are involved with something worthwhile and are doing some good (quit fighting about our reasons for going in there, or lack of a plan, or anything involved with the front end issues. We are there. Can't change that. Might as well try and finish the job and accomplish something good, right? Or is it better for more people to suffer so that you can say: "I told you so"? To attack Bush and his cronies and say how wrong they were/are instead of thinking about the others involved [Iraqis] seems to be the focus. That seems silly to me. And counteintuitive [you want others to benfit and not be harmed by us, but are willing to let them suffer just so Bush suffers?]).

Priorities people. Priorities.

Wouldn't it be nice if for once the media would shed some light/focus on positive events? Or at least provide some to offset the constant negative they highlight? Or, god forbid, some real world news coverage?

Yes, I am feeling a bit fiesty today.

Wow. That digression was so bad I'm going to move on to a new post to finish my thoughts on yesterday (they get happier, don't worry).

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