Monday, December 20, 2004


I ran out of steam writing about our voyage here (we finally got out) to Hoi An. I'll finish later. This is a later day post. I have news that most won't believe, and will make my little sister cringe in disgust. Ready? Here we go...

Hoi An is known for their inexpensive fitted clothing. I followed Rachelle to a shop today, intending to do nothing but bitch about being in store after store. Didn't make it past the first we went into (how did we find it? Way back hidden away and unnoticeable? Well, a woman on a scooter stopped to talk to us soon after we got here while we walked to find lunch. Her store was not far away, she said. We're hungry, we said. Later. She found us after lunch, now on her bike. Now we're tired, we said. Ok, she said. We slept. For a couple hours [I slept 1/2 as long as R. While she dreamed, I cursed computers. We are having trouble getting emails out here. We can get into our various accounts and read our messages, outgoing is hard to come by. I lost a few emails before giving up. Never mind]. Then shopping time arrived [for R] and a few blocks later the same woman found us so we followed her to her shop. We never left.). Eventually I was persuaded to look at suit designs ($40 for a fitted suit). What did I end up leaving with? Here's the list:

A suit (navy w/pinstripe)
Shirt and vest for the suit
A light pullover shirt
traveling pants (I still don't really know)

I think that is it. Oh yeah-leather shoes (fitted!) for $20. All in all I spent about $130 for all that. Not bad, eh? I don't know what happened. I think I am getting worn out wearing the same ratty and dirty clothes everyday. And this is good (and cheap) stuff!

No, I have no room in any of my bags for any of this. And yes, I bought another book (Big Sur, Kerouac).

Not smart is me. Tomorrow we go to try on our new duds. I guess I should shower, eh?

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