Wednesday, December 15, 2004

No idea what to say 

But since I just had my AM coffee (without the condensed/pure sugar millk)(Vietnamese coffee is wonderful. I got myself a little dripper and some ground beans to take with me to Nescafe land, otherwise known as China) so I feel like I should say something.

We are still in Mui Ne. It's so peaceful and relaxing here that we decided to stay another day and will leave tomorrow. The seafood here is mega-fresh and we keep eating it. Phoots

Yesterday we went and caroused on some sand dunes. Fun times but I am still picking sand out of uncomfortable places. Some dude and his chica had wedding pics taken atop the dunes. Silly. Don't they know how much work it is walking on those things? And sandy too. Looked cool. Maybe I shouldn't have playfully shoved the bride, sending her bouncing down the dune. Ah well, the rest seemed to be laughing as I rode my sled off the other way. Except the groom. He appeared to be hot footing it away from the group. Wonder why...

Not much else to report. My return to China/trip to Uzbekistan is all over the place thanks to my idiocy (didn't get my Uz visa in China when I had the chance), Brenda's shifting schedule (b/c of her moronical school people bosses) and the winds of time forever shifting and blowing into new and conical shapes.

I think the bunions on both my feet have grown smaller since leaving home. The lack of running, perhaps, or misconstruesal of logic on mine. Who knoweth?

We've been hanging out with a Dutch couple the last couple days. Nice folks. And that reminds me! I need to email my buddy in Amsterdam! Pooper!

Not a clue what day of the week it is. That's fun

Off to the beach. Gotta read, play inthe waves, take more notes on Ishmael and whatnot.


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