Saturday, December 11, 2004

I am a doofus 

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this! First-I misspelled Kampot. Please forgive me. I am an idiot.

Our last night in Kampot, after seeing that french town, we walked down to dinner with our new friends. On the way, a group of kids shouted hello from the sidelines. I shouted back. Then returned the favor. Then I did the same. After some back and forth they rushed me. Standing in a horde around me (I'd stopped as the others kept moving) I think I shook everyone's hand at least 4 times, going thru the "my name is Corey, what is your name" routine at least twice with each. It was awesome. At oft times, many would also make goggle eyes with their hands at me. Reminding me that my eyes are round. Thanks. The others in my group wandered back and went thru the same routine. They finished up, I had another go at the kids then moved on. I loved it!

According to my sis, she hasn't met any backpackers who liked Cambodia. I think you need to expect the poverty and get out of Phnom Penh. It ain't gonna be like Thailand, and there is some definite sadness. But talk to the people. Everyone we have met (with the exception of a swiss couple on the boat to Vietnam who couldn't get past the poverty to the people) has loved it there.

That's all. We're going to go eat now

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