Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Here i am 

Ok, good internet site. Only I haveno issues burning in my head so I am not sure what to spout off about right now.

Rachelle and I are fine, though we're a little weirded out by having juts been in areas that were devastated. Lucky. That is us. Since we head there on Friday (to Thailand), we're trying to figure out what to do. Right now we're probably going to head up north into the hills. Sitting on a beach right now doesn't sound that inviting. Though that kind of attitude sucks for the people running places that weren't affected by the tsunami. They run on tourism. We are still toying with heading down south to try and help out. But, not only could that be less than safe, we might just get in the way and add to the chaos. We'll see.

What have we been doing the last few days? Not too much. Hitting Hanoi hampered our motivation. Much sitting around and eating too much western food. A slight break in routine is good now and then, right?

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