Friday, December 10, 2004


Why am I still here? Because my sis has me instant messaging with some dude who is playing the stalker and she wants me to start the big bro act now. It's kinda fun. I've spent the last several minutes to get him to vanish. How? Oh, the "women are the devil" speech. It's fun! He's a hell of a shitty suck up. Using baby complimentary talk on me? I don't care what he thinks of her pooling eyes and bumpy butt

H,. Apparently, sis ain't impressed. I wasn't mean enough. Well, what can I do? I figured gettin' him some educating would be the best route. I guess not. I'll remember that! No Xmas presents for her this year! Except the 45 books I have in my bag. Seriously, it's getting out of control. I am impressed with how much better a packer I am becoming though. That's exciting in a twisted way.

Want more fun? In Thailand, we bought a bottle of rum. The plan (sort of) was to send it to Hooter in thanks for the Belize rum he brought me. Unfortunately, it was tasty and a few nights with temporary friends killed it. Next, we bought a small bottle of palm wine in Cambodia (they make everything with palm trees there!) that we are still carrying around. Silly us. The worst part is that our multi-colored chinese food back (which carries it around) keeps getting dropped on the ground. I don't think it's broken yet. I haven't checkedin Vietnam yet.

Check that out. I'm in Vietnam. And since September I've been in China Cambodia and Thailand as well. That's pretty fun.

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