Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Let it be known, to all (all you 1 or 2) who read my blog, that while I did have negative things to say about the historical views on the American named Vietnamese conflict, that the people are not in fact mean or less than nice. They are wonderful, and very very nice. Smiles abound, and they are quite the helpful lot. Don't misconstrue my words (easy to do I know), this is a nice place.

Mui Ne. That's where we are. The beach is lined with hotels and such (pretty sure I've said this, so I'll move on). Great seafood. Including dinner last night I've had red SNAPPER, shrimp, and crab. All excellent.

Earlier today we played in the waves. Big waves. Seems early morning is not very windy and smallish waves ply their trade along the coast. Mid to late day, the big boys come in. And they are fun. I was able to body surf a couple waves, duck under many, get pounded by several, and come out slightly scraped and bruised. Sand filled pockets and stomach full of sea (not clean) water. Overall I survived quite well. One of the last waves....oof. Eric (big Dutch guy we met) and I found ourselves too close to shore...the water receded until I was only shin deep.....the wave rose above us and began to crest over our heads at a height of 10 feet or so. My stomach dropped, I heard Eric utter an expletive to mirror mine, and we dove as best we could. Didn't work. I thought I'd made it thru with only minor turbulence across my body...and then it kicked in. I got bounced off the bottom a few times and turned in a few circles (across the horizontal and vertical axes) until I managed to get my feet and stand up coughing up the brownish water. Eric got the same washer treatment. Rachelle, further out, stood laughing at us, doubled over in fact at our near deathedness. We got the last laugh though. A wave broke across her brow and knocked the laugh right out of her! Ha! That was enough. We retired to shore to recover and all that jazz.

Now dinner is over and I am paying an exorbitant amount to be on the internet. Just to entertain you! Or something like that.

5am tomorrow our jeep leaves to bring us to some big ole white sand dunes in time for sunrise. Way, way, way too early. While Rachelle napped earlier today (lazy sack...) I talked with Willie, an Irish guy (Simpson's? Nah, no hair and no big red hairy arms. Nor a kilt)(or was Willie on the simpson's Scottish? I know Brandon will clear this up...) who in response to my 5am tale asked: "Aren't sunrises all the same? I don't get it." Made me think. 5 is early. But then I realized, what else to I have to do? I'll just take a nap on the beach when we get back.

Yup, life is rough

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