Monday, December 13, 2004


Here I sit on a chair
had black hair and now it's fair
my feet are sore
life ain't no bore
why sit here when i can go relax in the sand and be a bum and turn crispy?

Yup, on a beach. In Mui Ne. The beach is lined with beach house after hotel after sign and chairs and hammocks and asorted things like large coconut looking boats (I think. They have oars in them) the size of....big things. Look like those propellants in MXC. Odd.

Crazy thing is, there's no one here. Maybe it's low season (and mid-week), but the beach is empty and no one is roaming the streets. It's nice.

the other night, our last night in Saigon, we ended up sitting next to a couple from Te-xas at a restaurant. Great folk, I'll compose a more fitting tribute later. Our 'early' night ended up going late b/c we were having a jolly time talking with them and listening/watching Bruce belt out his rendition of various Texas tribute songs. Amusing, and much more entertaining than the older Aussie folks trying to out-tune them. All around fun times. 'Course we had to get up to catch an 8am bus which was less than fun, but what are you gonna do?

Note: the hotel we stayed in in Saigon was called "Betty". Everytime we told someone that or I saw the sign upon our return to sleep, I'd giggle. Why? Go watch Caddyshack. "I like you Betty." "That's, Danny, sir." Yeah!!

Enough of this middledygook. Drank some palm wine last night sitting on the beach looking out over the South China Sea. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Back to the beach for me. The coffee (so good here! And not at Starbuckraper's prices) is kicking in so I'm going to go splash in the waves and try not to drown myself. If I do, remember that I predicted it here and, I told you so!

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