Thursday, December 16, 2004

Back on the road 

Yes, we are finally moving on. Mui Ne has been nice, but we need to get going before our feet begin to fuse to the ground.

Tomorrow at 1pm we are catching a bus from here thru Quang Ngai (hopefully an effortless transfer of plane tix will greet us there) then onward to...shite. Another town to the north. We should get there around 9pm. The next day we'll rent a moto (maybe. Have to see what traffic is like) and head to Duc Pho, Dad's old haunts. Then the next day we're off to Hoi An. Rachelle wants to get a dress made ($15 or so) and is trying to get me to get a fitted suit. But then I'd have to wear it at some point and that isn't very appealing. What are you going to do? I'll probably eat and sit on the beach or something.

Enough of this. I'm off.


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