Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Looks like Thailand like blogspot!! It's me on here, posting for myself! Sweet action.

RIght now it's almost 10PM, raining (warmly) and over 80 I'd guess. I like it! We're in Thailand, in case you were confused as to why Beijing was suddenly so warm.

Getting here was fine, and I am liking it mucho already. We are in the town of Chiang Mai right now. Tomorrow morning we are hedaing out on a 3 day trek-walking, bamboo boat ride, 2 nights in 2 different hill villages (very very cool) and get this....we will be riding elephants for almost 2 hours!! My prophesy may come true. If it does, mabye R ca post the results for me. Either way, it should be awesome.

Meeting up with Kristine was no problem and I am being nice to her!! Naysayers...

Sunday we are heading down to the south part of the country to get some beach time in. I can't wait! The hotel we are in right now rocks-she is setting all our travel stuff up (to get down south), she's getting our Vietnamese visas taken care of, AND, when we are back here at the end of December, I've decided I will (maybe) return here. And let her get me Laos and China visas. And I'll take a boat into Laos and make my way into China and then out to Kuytun to see my sis. It's going to be awesome!

Stepped on a scale today. I think I need to start eating again. I left home weighing about 165ish. Today, about 30 minutes after eating a medium sized meal? About 155. Oops. That's good though. I want to be sure to look my best in my bikini on the beach in a couple of days.

Peace out, and be prepared for more silly/senseless updates (if internet is esay to find). It's so exciting to be back on here!

Can't log in to yahoo at the moment but wanted to tell you right away that i found a new way to break the law and get around those pesky blocks and now can view all sites at will -- including yours! Take care of yourself and absorbe some vitamin D for me. Najima
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