Thursday, November 04, 2004

Update on my 'thoughts' 

I am listening to Kriss Kross singing a whacked out version of Jump, and some Nelly is on deck next. Could life be any better?

Rachelle bought a vest to fit in with the general populace here. It's a nice powder pink number (without sleeves, in case you are unfamiliar with the term 'vest'). Here's the kicker-what size is it? XXL. Smaller sizes didn't fit (we think it was the only one in stock kept around for rich foreign tourists). Let me explain-women's clothes here are the size of kids' clothes in the US and men's clothes are the size of American women. This is why I have yet to buy a new pair of pants(don't ask). I have yet to find a pair that will accommodate more than my bulging calves. And I'm very cheap (I can't fathom paying more for a pair of pants in China than I did for my last pair in the US [$5])

I have discovered a way to garner more attention from the Chinese as an American tourist than we have thus far. Find a day like today, a bit cool but nice and partly sunny. A day that sees everyone in the streets in jackets (though in all fairness and deference most Chinese men wear jackets [suit variety] everyday)(heeeeyy, it must be the money!) and warmish clothes. Then go outside, all pale and hairy,wearing shorts and sandals (no socks of course. That's gauche). It's awesome. The frequency of walking stoppage, laughs pointing confusion consternation and all those other great descriptors I don't feel like typing because this keyboard sucks skyrocket. I love it. Maybe a partof it (they are always checking out our feet, regardless of the worn gear. But like I told R, better your feet than chest, right?) is that since they are so blessedly hairless they are not sure how to fathom hairy feet. Once more let me offer them all my excess hair, free of charge.

I have another thought in addition to the one that is about to follow but it's disappeared like Kerry's projected lead in the polls (ouch! Don't worry, pseudo-political talk will follow shortly. I will say this-when you see no advantage to either party, and remain unconcerned about who wins, it makes the results quite easy to swallow).

My big break transpired this morning. During our walk to the train station to purchase our tickets to Beijing (leaving tomorrow AM at 7)we stopped at ATM after ATM, trying vainly to find one that would chuck some cash our way. Finally, a large outlet store for the Bank of China loomed large above us and we passed thru it's golden glassy doors into the quiet bank-like atmosphere in search of desired ATM. Immediately I was greeted by a nice looking Chinese working-there woman. Since I had already spotted the ATM, and still don't understand a lick of Chinese, I doubled gunned towards the ATM and jigged alittle for victory and pranced away. I noticed, out of the corner of my pollution tearing eye, that R slowed to a stop as 2 cats with cameras jumped around yelping excitedly and pointing in my direction. I puffed my chest, flared my leg hairs, and confidently strode to the ATM. By now they were set up, filming my every move and making encouraging hand motions. Time to ham it up I guess. My card withdrew from my jacket chest pocket (with the help of my hand); I turned to face the camera, a light breeze ruffling my flowing locks (took a shower recently, so there was not enough grease to hold it in place), and flashed my cheesiest (sexiest?) toothful grin at the camera, and winked (Heaven is a half-pipe! Is Jesus RE-ally packing my bong?) one of my baby blues at it. One of the dudes was so overcome with elation that he passed out! My card slid in, I pressed the appropriate buttons, entered how much I wanted withdrawn....and the damn machine told me that I'd entered the wrong pin. Being the consummate professional, I remained calm (though my face took on a wind-burntlook) and tried again. Success!! The money popped out, I tossed it into the air and danced around as if in a shower yelling: "I loveChina!!!!" Then I walked off as random people scooped up my money.Once off camera, I realized the idiocy of what I'd done then dove back in and tossed some elbows and knees and got most of my money back. It was then relayed to me that I would be prominently featured in a commercial for the Bank of China. I signed something (a release?) and we walked on. Aahh! I can handle this being famous thing! I am thinking though, that next time I should wait until someone asks for my autograph before giving it out. As we left the bank, I wrote my name on some guy's newspaper. He looked mighty confused.

Ok, time for a non-rant, in regards to politics. My post yesterday was the result of bad T, cramps, too much sleep (yes, that really is a negative for me) and not enough caffeine. I've corrected these things. No T today, much coffee, and I wandered the quiet streets of Tai'an until 3am this morning, singing aloud to various artists I won't mention here.

Bush has been elected. Things will happen now, things will also not happen. I feel no need to get into any specifics here, because after 2-3 days of talking politics (though I vowed not to. R just read my post from yesterday at laughed at me proclaiming to not talk P's andthen ranting for too long) I'm worn out. Kind of. Here's how I see it. Many people are happy, many are upset. During our talks in the last couple of days R has tried to get me to understand the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness that pervades the thoughts of many (?). I don't see it that way. Sure, he'll probably do something to piss everyone off and maybe make even the staunchest Repub hope for the best in 2008. That happens. To me it's not hopeless. The country has had everything from terrible leaders to great leaders. Guess what? We're still around and not doing too badly. It's not hopeless. Maybe the dearth of truly competent choices this go-around will bring some better folks to the forefront next time? I've struggled in the past couple years to work at being more understanding of other people, and of opinions that are completely opposite of mine. It's tough, but what I do is remind myself that as strongly as I may feel about something, there is someone who feels just as strongly but in opposition to me. Who's right? To me, there is no 'right'. Only what is best for me and what is best for you. We need both sides of the coin, that's the way it works. Maybe for one Pres it works for you, and the next it doesn't. What am I getting at? I'm not too sure. Just that, it's in no way hopeless. Chalk it up as a time for your opposite to enjoy life and prep up for the next fight. Again, call me naive if you want, that is fine. I like being happy, and negativity don't mesh well with that. Realize that life ain't going to end because W got re-elected (though I know there are many who will disagree completely with that). LikeBobby Farrin (sp? What ever happened to that dude? Didn't RobinWilliams help him with the video? It was awesome) said: Don't worry,be gdamn happy.

That's enough/too much. I hate politics. A waste of my time (a statement that applies to me and me alone. You love it? Great. Someone has to, right?)

I remembered my lost thought. I think I've already thrown this one out there, but I'll do it again because it makes me giggle (and I love to giggle!)

I have no career path, no ideas at a possible career, am a lost ship sinking at sea with one broken paddle going upstream and uphill barefoot in 5 feet of snow. What do I want to be when I grow up? A doc, lawyer, engineer (ah!)? Nah, an emotional drain on society (think broadly) sounds fun to me. Do what I want, flying in the face of what's 'proper' when necessary, making others question their lot in life (start that g.damn bar! write one of those freakin' screen plays or go lead kayak tours in NZ!). Too short, too precious, too much out there to waste.

Too much talking from me right now. Gotta get back to the babblerabble stiggimy wraithness lost in th depths of voided out checks.

Haven't done nothin' today. Et, got train tix, email, journal soon,provided amusement to many here (catch the viibes. ooh! 'cause it's lucas with the lid off!)

Legs feeling better today, the soredness from holy mountain stair steppin' is wearing off

Today's horoscope has this to say about me:

"You should be looking especially attractive today, dear Aquarius. In addition, your communications skills are operating at a high level"

What do you think? Am I dead sexy or what? Who doesn't like a rambling overgrown unkempt beard?

Energy level is returning and paranoid schizo thoughts are back where they belong. I'm telling you it's the overgarnering of sleep that is seriously screwing with me. Give me 4, 5 hours and I reach what I consider my peak. This 9-10 hour gig is killing me softly.


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