Saturday, November 27, 2004

Time for a new country 

Well, Round 1 in Thailand is pretty much done. Not a TKO, but we hit the mat a few times only to get up and await a decision from the judges.

It's a go.

This afternoon we catch a bus front out front of our hotel (3:30PM) which is going to whisk (slowly) us up to Bangkok by 6AM tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon around 3:30P a plane will lift off frmo the Bangkok airport with us on it (hopefully) eventually (50 minutes later) dropping us in Siem Reap, Cambodia. After a couple days wandering Angkor Wat, Michelle leaves to go home and we head to Vietnam. Crazy times! This trip is flying by!

Kristine left us a couple days ago, and after some travails (cancelled flights thanks to monsoons) made it to Bangkok and should now be on a plane somewhere between here and the States. Or at home, I am not sure. I don't think I scared her too badly. To my ex-coworkers-don't believe anything she says until you verify it with me. She has a raging imagination and makes stuff up. Trust me on this.

What else...more pics have been added, some thanks to Michelle and her dig camera.

I'm sweating my balls off right now. It's that hot! At least the sun shoots right thru all your clothes and sets your skin ablaze in an instant.

On that note, mom told me that Chicago is all snow and ice. Hehe. How's Denver? Oh yeah,you can go skiing ya dirty bastards.

Isnae true wot shae sid thae ither nayt? Boot thim thar skivvies and hoers oot on the boolivaird? Nit suer, says aye. Bin settin' round ayn mah ain pad.

We continue to be amazed at the fellow westerners we meet, who have no qualms about asking rude and obnoxious questions. or example, a Canadiander Michelle kayaked with decided to ask her why all Americans are fat. She based this assumption (Michelle asked very courteous and logical questions and comments to make this girl see her idiocy) on a short layover she had in Philly. Yup, that's all. And we continue to get these q's (though I don't. Only the girls seem to get them) that we would never think to ask (Michelle could have retorted in kind, with something like: "Do all inhabitants of America Jr [thank you, Homer Simpson] like living in igloos and riding dogsleds to work?") because they are rude and insulting. Yet we continue to hear them. And they only come from westerners. Odd, and annoying. I kinda wish I'd get hit up with a q like that. Because I am sure my sarcasm (honed to scorching speedy wit, thanks to decades of practice) would do wonders for cross-border relations. Arseholes.

Ok, I gotta scoot. The pics are downloaded and I need to stop at the grocery to make sure I don't starve on this bus ride. Or thirst to death. That'd be bad as well. Maybe I should hit the USED book store, since I am 1/2 way thru Porno.

A bit more

I read the Alchemist in one night. It seemed familiar, so maybe I've read it before, I'm not sure. Very good, though the message is one that I am already in tune with and try to follow. Check it out. Seriously.

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