Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Sat along the beach last night to catch sunset. Pretty spectacular. A British couple (older, 60s or 70s-ish maybe) was sitting next to us and I struck up a conversation with them. Talk turned to travel: how long they were moving for and then our side of the story. What'd they say to my talk of my early (premature?) retirement? ALong the lines of: Good for you, that's great. And they did say that doing this sort of thing at our age is perfect because when you are older you can't really enjoy it. Hm. Validation. I like that

Went sea kayaking yesterday. I thought a funny anecdote made an appearance but I can't anymore remember what I thought was blog worthy. It was fun and relaxing and we saw monkeys. But not the kind with the bulbous red asses. I like those guys

Tomorrow (thanksgiving, I'm told) we may be snorkling all day. Not a bad way to spend the day. A departure from the last 4 years debaucheries up in Breck. Warmer too with less skiing.

Life here is good. No $0.25 pad thai tonight (vendors are taking a break today. The bastards!) but that's ok. Michelle has rejoined us (she flew in earlier tonight) and she is back on top of her game and that is great. Who wants to fly 1/2 way around the world to deal with the flu in a Thai hotel? Not me. I'd prefer a Fijian hotel (I think).

Hair's gettin' long. Ears are about covered and if the top/sides were cut I'd have a good start on a mullet.

I know it's not until tomorrow but here we go anyway: Happy Thanksgiving!

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