Thursday, November 25, 2004


I think I may have slightly burned the bottoms of my feet. Either that or someone places a space heater next to them. Which would be strange, as it's 80ish right now and there is a glass window in front of me. Ya never know though, eh?

No thoughts or comments are coming to mind, and I am very frustrated. A mental writing thinking block has transpired to frustrate and irk me into flabbergasted wordless animistic frustration. Maybe in the next day or two I'll sit here and force myself to write to try and get something moving.

Britney Spears is singing in the background, and I am sitting next to a guy who looks like Bob Felsburg. How's that for strange? He hasn't said word one about Big Ten football (thank god because I might start sobbing) nor anything about an upcoming traffic study.

Full moon festival is tomorrow. What are we going to do (most people get funky crazy wild and party hearty and cause a ruckus)? No idea. Probably walk around feeling old and run down (I will be a year away from 30 in less than 2 months!!), drooling into our cups of...whatever it is that old people drink to stay...old.

Thailand fun. Cheapest place we've been yet, but somehow I am spending more money here than I did in China (ya know, them Thaiwaner hooks don't come cheap. And the opium, while mildly satisfying and robust, is overpriced and lacking the necessary 'oomph' to make the risk of jail worthwhile.

Speaking of Thai jails, our friend Kristin (from the trek from MI. Not Kristine from CO) told us about a book she read about some dude trying to traffik (commandante my pal o) heroin in Thailand and ending up in jail for many years. The passage she relayed to us was about the large blister type thing that formed on the side of his neck. Long story short, they cut it open and maggots spilled out. Tasty, eh? Green beans anyone?

I've been communicado with some organic farms in Hawaii. 2 have already made their email skill known to me and have responded. Sounds goody...

People keep telling me that while my blogs/adventure accounts are entertaining, they are seen as Michael Moore films should be seen, not as the more factual accounts that Rachelle sends out. Hm. What do I make of that? Am I being called a liar, fanciful (but not fancy) storyteller with a vivid (though now devoid and lacking and MIA) imagination, or blowhard? No matter. I get my kicks the old fashioned way, if the olden days had computers and blogs.

Suck it

Only another month and some until I hit winter again. Since I'm getting used to 90+ degree (F) heat, going back into subfreezing temps may be a bit tough. Especially with insufficient clothes. Don't worry, Mama mia, I hear that freezing to death could be worse. After (Britney is now singing a tune with Bobby Brown in the background. Somebody's career is in the squatter....) the excruciating pain of cold, you start to feel warm and you become almost euphoric. Could be worse. AFterall, I survived the elephants, so I need a new prophecy of doom, don't I?

Speaking of, I made some mention on our trek in the presence of the MI girls about my hopes that I'll see at least my 35th bday. They thought that comment a bit odd. I didn't take the time to explain to them the ongoing contest I have with Sizzle (you are SO going to lose! Baby on the way and all...). My competetiveness, while stifled as of late, can not forget the game begun over a decade ago (anyone fo to the 10-year reunion? I miss anything except overpriced apps?)!!

10 years I've been outta HS. Whattya think of me now? What would the 28-year old version of me think of the slightly less mature (or more mature?) 18-year old me? I'm not back down to what I weighed then (not yet. Since I am spending so much now, wait until R leaves for Australia and I head back into China. I'm guessing more weight may get shed), but I am closer than I've been in a long long while. Can you believe, my last semester of college I hit 180 (or more, I forget)?

Why the shite am I talking about weight? Not a chick am I. Or am I....

Who remembers us tossing the couch off the 4th floor when we finally moved out of the Littleton (219) apartment? I do. That was fun.

I'm a grinnin'! Desperately needing to do something silly and inane and senseless and 'embarrassing' to break thru the plunk. Something will break soon, I hope.

A cd is being made right now with more pics. Those should be online tonight or tomorrow.

Seriously, the Cubs didn't even make the playoffs??

I think a thorn is still stuck in the ball of my foot. Everynow and then it flares and I yelp a bit. Ifty.

They turned the fire hose on me today. No good reason, just turned away from the inferno'd bldg and hit me square on in the mug. Then giggled a bit and returned to work. I had recently showered so I've no idea the reason.

Soap would help


nothin. Pisser

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