Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More news! 

I just downloaded more pics onto that link I posted a couple/few days ago. There are some from Hong Kong and more China. I will caption them later (gotta catch a night train in about an hour).

We are in Thailand today. The meeting with Kristine went fine, and after a day in Bangkok we are moving on. A night train is whisking us up to Chang Mai where we will do....something...and go on a trek for a couple of days. Then we are heading down south to sit on a beach for a while. Sounds fun, eh?

Notes-it's in the 90s and humid here. Nice! No wearing shoes indoors (I wish that were no shoes everywhere...), and mostly wearing pants. And shirts. Dang!

And the beard is gone. Yup, we got in here last night and I spent...at least 30 minutes hacking the stupid thing off. Ever seen The Fly? I felt like my whiskers were the same toughness as the fly hair that dude grew. Maybe it's because my Leatherman's scissors are a bit lacking? And then 2 razors. It was a ton of work, and now I look likeI am 12 (no goat, it's all gone). Cooler though.

That's all for now. Gotta run and get some food to take on the train (12 hour ride or so).


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