Monday, November 22, 2004

Me, shopping for clothes? 

Yes, that is right, I did. Twice in the last week. Sucks.
Since I have no good warm weather clothes, last week I bought a pair over very light white (not quite transparent. Good thing I have fun colorful boxers. Though I've thought of getting a pair of bright red bikini briefs to flava things up...) pants, and a very light, not quite stitched together (on purpose) long sleeve shirt.

Then we get down here last night. ALL my clothes (except the above) are filthy. Just nast-ass dust covered sweat and oil and grease and muck stained and sole moldy from being wet-bagged for a couple days. My last t-shirt which I wore back to bangkok and then to here was horrendous. So last night I bought a new t-shirt and a pair of swimming trunks. I hate shopping for clothes!

That should be all until I make it to China and then maybe I can trade something for the warm clothes I'm gonna need.


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