Saturday, November 27, 2004

Let me tell you why I suck as a salesman 

Here we are back in Bangkok. Got in a little before 6am this morning. Left Krabi yesterday morning at 4:30pmish. Ask me, if you would (want), how much sleep I got on that claustrophobia inducing raggedy chair sleep depriving jouncin' hunk o' metal last night. If that didn't answer your question, I'll spell it out-about half an hour, maybe. Why? Why not. I am hoping that before I am done with all this traveling that I will have learned how to sleep in moving vehicles. It's hard though, ya know? If I don't sleep it's not as though my work is going to suffer or that I'll fall asleep at the wheel. I may doze off during a cronies droning or trip more than usual on pesky sidewalks. Overall I feel no compelling reason to force myself to sleep when I'd rather read (finished Porno this morning. Hell of a good book. But if you've seen Trainspotting [prequal to this book] and didn't like it, don't read this book. Similar shite) or listen to my MD and stare out the winder at the darkened countryside. So here I sit, maybe a dozen cups of coffee later (found a place with a AYCE buffet for less than $2US and we sat there almost 3 hours reading, writing, eating, my sucking down the black texture/tasteless goo they claim is coffee, tho there seems to be some caffeine in it as I've a mild case of the jitters, making the twitching restlesness upped above par. Good times.

So, how you doin'?

Can you believe how freakin' fast this trip o' ours is flying? Already we're thru 2 countries and heading thru 2 more in the next week to 2. Amazing. I wonder though, maybe my fate is not to be trampled by an elephant, but maybe playfully tossed by one (trunk's are amazing instruments) onto a landmine in Cambodia? Hm. That's quite the twist you've thrown in there, Jim. Something to chew the spud over.

Our bags are stored right now so that we can internet and then walk around this area (big backpacker/shopper area) for a couple hours before catching the shuttle bus to the airport and then our 50-minute flight to Siem Reap. Angkor Wat here we come!

Question is, will Michelle face the same dilemma that Kristine did in attempting to fly out of Krabi (cancelled flight thanks to raging monsoon) or will all work flawlessly and we meet her at the airie today? I'll let you know. Sit there and wait, it shouldn't be long now....

wait for it.....

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