Thursday, November 25, 2004


I think I mentioned the 3 US chicas that joined us on our trek in northern Thailand last week. Our discussions in retrospect have alerted us to quite an interesting observation about the 3. All are from the same hometown. 2 went to grade school/high school together, all 3 went to the same high school. They've been traveling together now for a couple of months. During our 3 days with them, they talked incessantly to each other. How amazing is that? Not annoying, but incredible! People who have spent so much time together still have so much to say to each other seems to be too rare (is it?). I've seen many couples here (on honeymoons?) who are sitting at dinner, saying nothing, and not even looking at each other. They look bored to be together and out of things to say to each other. Which is sad. Maybe it's not the case, not as dire a situation as I think, but... A married couple running out of things to say after a few days or a couple weeks together, but 3 friends together 24/7 for months still stumbling over their words in a rush to get them out.


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