Saturday, November 27, 2004

For the record.... 

I hate mosquitoes. With a passion. And the ones here? Faster than flying f*ck. I can't kill the bastards. Sneaking ain't working, 'cause they flit away a split second in time. Many the night I chased them around the bungalow trying to kill or at least maim them but it ne'er worked. Jerks. Now let's take stock of where I have bites:

neck, right forarm, back of my right knee, both calves, sides of both feet, bottom of my left foot (that's a blighter), thought i had on smack middle of the forehead but it was just a zit, stomach, left shoulder blade.

I really don'ty hate much, but them wee peckars could cease to exist and I'm not sure anyone'd care. If fact, the Big Guy'd probably be the only one, as I am sure they are one of his big 'jokes' (funny sense of humor has he. Just ask Kevin Smith). I'm sure it's a riot to watch us tearing our skin off in irritation, applying stinky gunk to ward off the buggars, and chasing them around in futile attempts and falling asleep 'sure' that they've all been gotten only to wake and discover dozens new swellings.

Maybe getting back into the cold won't be so bad. But wait: yesterday when we got on the bus it was over 95 (how's the snow back there? Hehe!!) and it was tolerable. This morning it was a tiche over 80 at 6am and I had to move out from under the fan making me cold. Now that I've adjusted to the heat I have to go right into sub-freezing temps (in January). Oof. Don't you feel bad for me? Maybe it won't be so bad since I'm not flying and the transition will be a little more gradual? Yeah right

Time to edit the pix

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