Thursday, November 04, 2004


UPDATE: Bad Corey, no biscuit. This is my first real retraction type post. One of the big drawbacks to not having access to my blog is not being able to go back and read the blather I've typed in, and see my idiocy (before it's pointed out to me) and over-doingitedness. Below is a revision of a post from yesterday? Or the day before, I forget. I was mighty cranky and went way overboard on some things. This means I said stuff that in a way I didn't mean, and overstated some things as well. If you read the original (we are in the process of having it purged from the site), oops. If you were offended, I am sorry and I more than likely did not mean what I said. Again, I was cranky like a 2-year old who hasn't gotten his nap or food or toy or anything he has been tantruming for the last 2 hours. I apologize, you can flog me when I get back to the States (assuming I survive this trip).

Like I said early on in this post (and promptly ignored in said post and the last 2 days), political talk can be dangerous and bad. After this one goes (back) out, I am done, for the most part. I hope. Time to edit and get back to the hotel before Rachelle eats my dinner.

> I've got Kid Rock rockin' the party in my ears, so I figure now is as> good a time as any to blog out. Agree? Good

> I'm sore today. My elbow feels much better and has lost some> swollenness, which is good. But today my quads and calves are aching> pretty good, and it takes no time at all to stiffen up (my back/legs).> Fun stuff! It's too bad, because I thought about going for a long run> today along the almost water having river that courses (in the only> way a dried up river can course-poorly) thru town here. Instead we sat> in the park across the street and soaked up the sun while writing in> our journals/ trying not to fall asleep. Nice stuff.

> Now we're emailing (do we email excessively? Dude, it's cheap as hell> here and the high we get in anticipation of new email right before our> accounts open up to scantily clad accounts is unbeatable!). And we are> reading the news accounts of the election coverage. Looks like Big Bad> Bush may win? And the popular vote may agree with the electoral> college? That's a new concept. Did I vote? No. I'm in China, fool!> Polling stations are hard to come by. Yes, I could have gotten an> absentee ballot, but I didn't. On purpose, you ask? Yupper. Why (I> hope you don't mind me assuming what your response[s] will be. Sue> me), you ask? Here's why: (editor's note: don't look any further for reasons. They have been removed and destroyed)>

I will leave one question out there that I would like some feedback on at some point in life (and not from my disillusioned atheistic friends). Why does the nature/ preserving the land get ignored by the Christian (Not just Catholic? I think?) folk? I understand the anti-abortion and stuff, hence liking Bush. But Bush is also pro-death penalty (can man act as executioner, according to the Bible? The nuns in my high school didn't think so) and not so much environment friendly (aren't we the protectors of the earth?). How do 2 issues get superseded by one? Is it more complicated than that? Wouldn't siding with the Dems make more sense? I really know very little about this but am very curious. Any thoughts out there for me? Make me smarter so that I don't run off at the mouth so badly!>

> More fun stuff>

> Remember when I asked for help in whittling down the contents of my> backpack? I just counted the fun books I have, and they now number 5> (fortunately R is reading/ carrying one of them). I'm an idiot>

> After reading the blogs I wrote last night, R mentioned that I sounded> pretty tired of the Chinese people. Time for me to clarify. (But first> a disclaimer-I almost never re-read these things after I type them up,> so I know I miss some things and don't always express myself as well> as I might.) I am not sick of these people. Last night when I wrote> those posts I was still really tired from the hike, and was pretty fed> up with the shit we got all along the way (it wasn't all that bad, it> just accumulates). Mistake me not, it's not everyone. In fact, I think> it's a fairly small number. Most people, when they say hello, do so as> they approach us making eye contact and smiling big happy to know at> least one word and being able to communicate with people so different> than them. It's actually very nice and I get a really big kick out of> them. Also, we've met many people who are incredibly helpful and nice> and have assisted us in doing things like eating and sleeping. So what> I am saying, is overall I like the people here. Tibet is an issue I> know very little about right now (Sis, that's a conversation for when> I get out there), but I think that is more the govt than the people?> By the way, Dali Lama, I'm glad your stomach issue was no big deal and> that you are doing just fine. Kudos, happy dude!>

> What else. My toesies are cold again (shoulda worn socks with my> sandals!). I am very much looking forward to Thailand and the beaches.> I think I've slimmed down enough so that I will look like a beached> underfed walrus in my bikini as opposed to a grounded whale.>

> Hungry again....I wish I had a kitchen! So much good food down the way> to clean prepare and cook but I can't! Brenda (my sis), when I get out> there we are going to have some cooking parties, I don't care what you> say! Just please don't invite the girls you've threatened to offer my> love to. They will only distract me, and I can't let anyone get in the> way of my cooking. Besides, neither R nor I will like that. Eh?>

> What a pitiful Halloween. One Dove bar. And split between the 2 of us. So sad.>

> If anyone wants a postcard, send me your address and I'll see what I> can do. Or a self-addressed stamped envelope. That might be the> easiest.>

> If you can't tell, I am pretty much out of things to say, but I've now> moved on and I have Offspring motivated finger tips.>

> PBR in a can in China tastes the same as PBR in the US only a bit> better because it's an unexpected treat here.>

> I gotta go. I'll be back if I come up with anything better to say> (maybe nothing better, just more)>

That is better. Sorry again for any offence taken.

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