Wednesday, October 20, 2004

One more blog before the next last one 

A couple of random things, some of which I may or may not have mentioned yet.

Cubs-you effin' bastards!! After I started the season with some hope
in you? That's the last time....But I still love you!

The people up in the area we just left (much more Tibetan influence)
are beautiful. Darker skin, rosy cheeks, very attractive. Not that the
Chinese aren't. I swear I'm not saying that (quit hitting me!).

Hitting between loved ones appears to be common (love taps). We have
seen many a girlfriend slapping her bfriend's back and arms. It's
kinda funny, but it's giving Rachelle some crazy ideas

I know you are all concerned about my hygiene. Here it is-I'm clean!
With the exception of the last couple of days when we had no heat (do
you really want to take a shower and get out into a 40 degree room?
Didn't think so) I've been showering no less than when I had a job.
And though I have one change of clothes, I have been doing laundry
every couple of days (the novelty of hand washing is wearing off).

On our 25 hour bu trip, we stopped at 4:30am for a pee-pee break.
There were guys using hand mixed concrete to patch part of the parking
lot. In the dark and rain. On their knees, using hand trowels. At 4:30
in the morning. Later we saw guys breaking up part of the road. Not
using heavy machinery, using slegdehammers.

Men and women do manual labor. Even construction type work-both are
shovelin' and hauling shite and assorted other tasks. New to me (not
that women aren't just as capable, you [or at least I] just don't see
it very often.

We saw yaks

Goat is tasty

Baijiu is bad (yet good!)

My cold is mostly gone.

Rachelle is now coming down with a cold

More to come later....

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